Gabby Douglas Honored With Barbie Doll

Posted on July 11, 2016

U.S. Olympic Gold Gymnast Gabby Douglas has been honored with her own Barbie doll. The collection is part of the Barbie Shero collection. Gabby, 20, is heading to Rio this summer to defend her title with the U.S. women's gymnastics team.

Gabby says in a statement, "I love a challenge. I love to push limits and I love that my very own Barbie celebrates me for being a role model to girls. Being honored as a Barbie Shero further motivates me to inspire girls by being the best I can be."

The clothing for the doll were inspired by Gabby's signature GK leotard line that she wears while training. The Barbie is wearing a red, white and blue Gabby GK Elite leotard. It also comes with a Nike warm-up suit. The fully articulated Barbie doll can perform most of Gabby's moves.

Lisa McKnight, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Barbie, says, "Playing with Barbie allows girls to imagine everything they can become. While imagining you can be anything is the first step, seeing that you can is what makes all the difference. Role models like Gabby Douglas show girls that with determination and perseverance their potential is limitless."

The Barbie doll is available on Here is a video of Gabby discussing her Barbie.

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