Marshmallow Madness Cereal Contains Only Marshmallows

Updated July 16, 2020, originally posted on August 2, 2016

Marshmallow Madness cereal contains only marshmallows. Unlike Lucky Charms there is no cereal in the box.

Not surprisingly, the "cereal" is sold by a company named It'Sugar. The company says Marshmallow Madness is "filled with 100% soft and crispy marshmallows. Just like your big, bold candy dreams."

Jeff Rubin, the CEO and founder of It'Sugar, told Delish, "All of us have memories of picking out the sugary stuff from our cereals when our mom wasn't looking or wanting to be first to the box to grab the good stuff. With Marshmallow Madness, the whole box is sweet!"

A box of Marshmallow Madness costs $12.99. You can find it here. The box also boldly promises, "Absolutely no nutritional value added."

Today reports that a company named Medley Hills Farms also sells marshmallows like the ones found in cereals. They are called Cereal Charms Marshmallows and can be found on

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