Robert Rodriguez Launches Film and Socks for Happy Socks

Posted on October 24, 2015

Happy Socks Sock'em Dead Poster

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has created a short film for Happy Socks called Sock'em Dead. The entertaining short film was shot at Robert Rodriguez's Austin, Texas based production facility, Troublemaker Studios. The film and horror movie themed socks have been release just in time for Halloween.

Rodriguez also designed three styles of socks for Happy Socks including the Blood Dot Sock style pictured below. The other two styles include the Fang & Blood Sock and the Blood Drop Sock. The socks retail for $14 a pair and can be found at

Blood Drop Sock from Happy Socks

The short film takes place on the set of a vampire horror film where one of the actor vampires turns out to be a real vampire. Fortunately, socks can be converted into an effective weapon against vampires. The film stars Madison Davenport with cameos by Danny Trejo and Wilmer Valderrama. Madison stars in Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn series on the El Rey Network. Take a look:

Photos: Happy Socks