Shop Jeen Site Gone Following Years as Teen Shopping Magnet

Posted on April 16, 2018

Shop Jeen was once one of the hottest teen fashion sites. Today, the store is not available and the site rolls over to the Hintego company website. The site and web store was started by Erin Yogasundram in her dorm room at George Washington University. She was also the founder of the company.

Shop Jeen still has a Facebook and Twitter presence but neither have been updated in months. The last tweet on the @shopjeen Twitter was in October 2017. It teased some new looks including flame covered shorts and tank top.

A story in the Guardian notes that Yogasundram used her experience selling merchandise on eBay and Etsy. She built a huge following for the store on social media but started running into problems when sued by Chanel over iPhone covers. Problem for Shop Jeen continued to snowball when vendors weren't getting paid and the store earned an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Yogasundram talks about her successes and struggles in a Nylon article.

Shop Jeen ceased operations in 2016 and the re-opened as a print-on-demand business powered by Hingeto. The Cut notes that Shop Jeen's teen followers were not thrilled with the relaunched site. The reboot apparently did not succeed as the site is no longer active.

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