Sky Factory's Faux Skylight

Posted on November 13, 2008

Sky Factory has a product called the SkyV that uses a high-definition (HD) presentation of illusory skies as a faux skylight. There will be more and more of this use of HD technology available for homes and businesses.

This is just the beginning of the use of high-def video for faux scenery. The skylight technology could be expanded to include scenes that change with the seasons or even the day's weather and time of day.

This is a fantastic idea. We'd like to see the concept taken even further, with the displayed scenery corresponding to the time of day and season. Or how about mounting an HD camera outside your locale, and seeing the sky as it looks at that moment? Or at night, slap a telephoto lens on that baby and zoom in for tight shots of the moon, stars, planets and galaxies.

Here's a video of the SkyV in action. There is no information available about pricing yet.

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