Teen Retailer Anchor Blue's Headquarters Has Shut Down

Posted on January 6, 2011

Teen retailer Anchor Blue's headquarters has shut down. The article also says that most of the 65 employees at the company's headquarters have been let go. Anchor Blue filed bankruptcy in 2009. The company operates 111 stores. The stores are still open, but may not be for much longer with the company's headquarters shutting down.

An ApparelNews article about Anchor Blue's shut down says a denim vendor working with the company says Anchor Blue had to cancel orders. There are many comments about the company's shut down on the Anchor Blue Facebook page from employees and customers.

Update: The Anchor Blue trademarks and intellectual property were acquired by Perry Ellis in March 2011.

The Wikipedia page for Anchor Blue also details its struggles and 2009 bankruptcy filing. The company was originally named Miller's Outpost before it became Anchor Blue.

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