The R-Pant: Marks and Spencer Debuts Underwear Line Inspired by Rob Pattinson

Posted on July 25, 2010

Marks and Spencer is designing a new line of underwear inspired by Robert Pattinson. The men's briefs will be called -- wait for it -- R-Pants. The Guardian reports:
Dubbed the R-Pant, the low-rise briefs and trunks are designed to be worn under skinny jeans and trousers, a look popularised by the likes of Russell Brand and Mark Ronson, two celebrities the chain cites as design influences.

Despite widely reported criticism by Jeremy Paxman in 2008 when the Newsnight presenter claimed "their pants no longer provide adequate support", one in four UK men still wear M&S pants, according to the retailer.
Rob will not be starring in any underwear ads, says Marks and Spencer, although they say they have seen him shopping for underwear in the store. The store didn't mention if it had solved the "lack of support" issue.

We don't see how this can possibly be legal in the UK: it certainly isn't legal in the U.S. Here, one cannot use the image or likeness of a celebrity to sell a product without his or her permission. Rob may be quite surprised the next time he goes underwear shopping in London and finds underpants named in his honor.
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