Dinosaur Themed Products

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There are many products inspired by dinosaurs or featuring dinosaurs. These products include toys, gadgets, clothing, food packaging and more. Here will find our coverage of the latest dinosaur themed products.

Featured Products

  • Ugly T-Rex Christmas Sweater - This T-rex themed Ugly Christmas Sweater is perfect for dinosaur lovers.

  • WowWee Launches Untamed Raptor and T-Rex Fingerlings - WowWee has a new line of Fingerlings out that is scarier than the cute originals.

  • Nachosaurus is a Dinosaur Themed Snack and Dip Holder - This set from Barbuzzo will hold your chips and your dip for a prehistoric themed snack break.

  • Small Dinosaur Cell Phone and Tablet Holders - These little dinosaurs can hold your smartphone or tablet. They are made with silica gel.

  • Smithsonian Dinosaurs Metal Lunch Box - This cool Smithsonian metal dinosaur lunch box has information on over 30 dinosaurs.

  • Melissa & Doug Launches Giant Stegosaurus Plush Toy - Melissa & Doug have launched the jumbo-sized Stegosaurus plush toy.

  • Michael Crichton's Posthumous Novel Dragon Teeth Arrives in Bookstores - Michael Crichton's novel Dragon Teeth has been published posthumously. It is now in bookstores.

  • Triceratops and Truck Taco Holders for Kids - This little triceratops-shaped taco holder will be a hit with your dino-loving children. It holds up to 2 tacos on its back.

  • WowWee Unveils MiPosaur at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show - WowWee unveiled its new MiPosaur robotic dinosaur at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. It wil be released in Q3 2015.