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Here you will find the latest coverage of speakers from Shoppers Shop!

Featured Products

  • Bose Announces Bose Portable Home Speaker - Bose has added a new smart speaker to its lineup called the Boste Portable Home Speaker. The speaker offers voice control, AirPlay 2 and Spotifty Connect.

  • Apple Lowers HomePod Price from $349 to $299 - Apple has lowered the price of its HomePod from $349 to $299. Even at $299 the smart speaker may still to be too highly priced for many consumers.

  • Google Launches Google Home Hub - Google has launched its Google Home Hub device.

  • iHome Aquio Water Bottles Contain Detachable Speakers - These new water bottles from iHome contain detachable speakers.

  • Bose Launches Soundlink Micro Speaker - Bose has launched its Soundlink Micro speaker. Bose says the portable speaker has unmatched bass for its size.

  • Google Announces Google Home Mini and Home Max - Google has announced its Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers featuring Google Assistant.

  • Line Friends Character Speakers in the Works - Line Friends is working on smart character speakers with digital assistant technology.

  • Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker for Halo Fans - ACWorldwide is launching a Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker. It features a greeting from Master Chief.

  • Kushion is a Bluetooth Speaker Pillow - Kushion is a new Bluetooth speaker pillow. It connects to up to 4 devices.

  • iLuv Launches Aud Shower IPX4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker - iLuv has launched its Aud Shower Bluetooth shower speaker. It features multiple mounting options.

  • JLab Audio Launches Crasher Slim and Crasher Mini Bluetooth Speakers - JLab Audio has announced the launch of its new Crasher Slim and Crasher Mini Bluetooth portable speakers. The speakers use Bluetooth 4.0.

  • The Om/One is a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - The Om/One is a levitating Bluetooth speaker. It hovers less than an inch above its base.

  • Monster Launches SuperStar BackFloat Wireless Speaker - Monster has added a new speaker that you can use in the tub or pool. It called the SuperStar BackFloat speaker.

  • LG's SoundPlate Can Fit Under HDTVs - LG's sleek new SoundPlate can fit under HDTVs. It retails for $399.99.

  • ClearView Audio Launches Wireless Transparent Clio Speaker at CES 2014 - ClearView launched a wireless transparent speaker, called Clio, at CES 2014.

  • Latest News

  • Jawbone Stops Producing Fitness Trackers and Seeks Buyer for Speaker Business - There are reports that Jawbone has stopped producing its fitness trackers. Reports also say the company is seeking a buyer for its portable speaker business.

  • April Fool's Day: Moshi's Flying SpatiaFlight Speaker Follows You Around Using Levitation Technology - Moshi launched its SpatiaFlight speaker today, April 1st. It can levitate and follow you around providing a seamless listening experience.