ASOS is Selling Dinosaur Tails

Posted on September 2, 2016

ASOS Dinosaur Tail

ASOS has started selling dinosaur tails. This was apparently a wise move by the retailer as the plush dinosaur tail quickly sold out as Internet coverage spread.

The Cut blames Burning Man for the tail selling out. The tails are said to be popular at festivals. It could also be people shopping early for Halloween.

You can find the dinosaur tail here on ASOS. ASOS also carries a number of other animal tails you can find here. The tails are made by a company called TellTails. They are connected to the body with a waist strap. TellTails make lots of different creature tails for both adults and children. The Dragon Tail Swoosher is pictured below.

Dragon Tail Swoosher

Photo: TellTails