Russian Company Creates Donald Trump Coin That Says 'In Trump We Trust'

Posted on January 18, 2017

Donald Trump at a campaign stop

Russian metal-works company Art-Grani created a special commemorative coin to celebrate Donald Trump's upcoming presidential inauguration. The very large hand-sized coins weigh nearly two pounds. Trump's peculiar affinity for Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been widely covered in the media.

The Huffington Post reports that just 45 of the limited-edition coins were made. The director of the company says there are hopes that Donald Trump will lift the sanctions against Russia when he becomes president.

The heads side of the coin features Trump's face and the tails side has the Statue of Liberty. The tails side of the coin also says "In Trump We Trust" instead of the official U.S. Motto, "In Good We Trust."

Here is a raw video of the coin from the AP. Take a look:

Photo: Donald Trump campaign