Jaguar Covered in Sticky Notes

Posted on January 18, 2007

Poor Walt. His Jaguar was covered with colorful sticky notes. You can see more of the photographs here on Flickr. The photographs were taken by Scott Ableman.

Walt's car was covered with 14,000 sticky notes by his sneaky fellow employees at InPhonic according to ABC News. Ableman told ABC News that Walt would park his car in a faraway corner to keep it protected. This made it an "obvious target."

Ableman also says, "We work hard and play hard at InPhonics. Practical jokes are kind of a tradition at our company. ... It had to be done."

Ableman also says, "It looked like a pinata when we were all done."

It does look like a car pinata. The sticky note prank has been noted on many other blogs.

There is an update to the story. Adrants reports that 3M later used the Post-It car concept in a marketing campaign without any compensation or attribution.

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