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Bugatti Unveils Tourbillon Electrified Hypercar

Bugatti has unveiled its Tourbillon electrified hypercar. It was revealed at the company's atelier in Molsheim, France. The car costs $4.1 million., 2024-06-21

Walmart Announces Walmart+ Week

Walmart has announced Walmart+ Week. It will run from June 17 through June 23 with deals and offers for Walmart+ members., 2024-06-11

Brie Larson Stars in Nissan's Thrill of Driving Campaign

Brie Larson drives multiple Nissan vehicles in the car brand's new Thrill of Driving campaign., 2021-04-25

Amazon Introduces Echo Auto

Amazon has unveiled Echo Auto, the first Echo device for your car., 2018-10-16

New Car Fragrance from Demeter

Demeter has created a fragrance that has the scent of a new car., 2018-10-07

Black Panther Stars in Lexus 2018 Super Bowl Ad

The Black Panther is featured in an action-packed Super Bowl ad from Lexus. It features the Lexus LS 500 F Sport., 2018-02-04

Neiman Marcus Releases 2017 Christmas Book

Neiman Marcus has released its 2017 Christmas Book featuring fantasy gifts and a Rolls-Royce Yours & Mine gift., 2017-11-08

Quarterback Tom Brady is the New Face of Aston Martin

New England Patriots Star Quarterback Tom Brady is the new face of Aston Martin. The NFL star and the British luxury auto maker signed a long-term deal., 2017-06-10

Chewbelta Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover for Your Car

This seat belt cover resembles Chewbacca's bandolier., 2017-06-04

Margot Robbie Drives the BladeGlider as New Face of Nissan Electric Cars

Margot Robbie is the new face of Nissan electric vehicles. She drives the Nissan BladeGlider in a new short film., 2017-02-21

Faraday Future Unveils FF 91 to Kick Off 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Faraday unveiled its Faraday Future electric vehicle to kick off the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The FF 91 goes from 0 to 60 in 2.39 seconds., 2017-01-04

Marvel Baby Groot Car Charger Dances While Charging Your Phone

This cute car charger dances whill charging your devices. It is sound activated., 2016-12-06

Jay Leno Launches Auto Care Brand With AP51

Jay Leno has launched an automotive care brand with AP51. It is called Jay Leno’s Garage – Advanced Vehicle Care., 2016-12-06

Harley-Davidson and Marvel Launch Motorcycles Inspired by Marvel Characters

Harley-Davidson and Marvel have launched a line of motorcycles inspired by Marvel heroes and villains., 2016-09-04

Video: Lamborghini Unveils Limited Edition Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

Lamborghini has unveiled its limited edition Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. Only 20 models will be produced., 2016-09-03

Self-Driving Car Startup Zoox Raises $200 Million on $1 Billion Valuation

Self-driving car startup Zoox has raised $200 million on a $1 billion valuation. They have been around since at least 2013., 2016-07-01

Black Cat Sunshade Features Giant Green Cat Eyes

The Cat Eyes Auto Sunshade will cool your car on hot days and reveal your fondness for cats., 2016-06-11

Survey Reveals America's Ten Least Engaging Brands

A new survey from Brand Keys has revealed the least engaging brands in the U.S., 2016-05-09

Tesla Model 3 Set for 2017 Release With Prices Starting at $35,000

The Tesla Model 3 was introduced at an event in California this week. It will be released in 2017 with prices starting at $35,000., 2016-04-02

April Fool's Day: BMW Launches xDrive Baby Boots

BMW has introduced xDrive Baby Boots for April 1st, 2016. The boots enable perfect weight distribution for the baby., 2016-04-01

BMW Unveils Vision Next 100 Concept Car

BMW has unveiled its futuristic BMW Vision Next 100 concept car. BMW will take the car on a world tour., 2016-03-12

Maya Toys Uses Decorated Car to Introduce Pom Pom Wow Line

Maya Toys used a decorated car covered in 15,000 pom-poms to introduce its Pom Pom Wow line at the 2016 Toy Fair., 2016-02-16

Ford and Lego Launch Mustang and F-150 Raptor Sets

Ford and Lego have announced the launch of Mustang and F-150 Raptor sets. They will arrive in stores on March 1st., 2016-01-15

Gogoro Unveils Smartscooter at CES

Gogoro unveiled its Smartscooter at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show., 2015-03-14

Apple Reportedly Developing Electric Vehicle

Apple is reportedly working on an Apple car. The car would be an electric powered vehicle., 2015-02-16

Vanessa Bayer Recreates the 50 Shades of Grey Elevator Scene

Vanessa Bayer stars in a hilarious new Audi commercial in which she attempts to recreate the infamous elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. It does not go well., 2015-02-08

U.S. Department of Transporation Now Recommending Rear-View Cameras

The U.S. Department of Transportation is now recommending rear-view cameras on new U.S. cars. Consumers groups have sued demanding the camera systems be mandatory., 2013-09-26

Lady Gaga's Applause Used in 2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Lady Gaga's new Applause song used in 2014 Kia Soul hamster commercial, 2013-08-23

40-Foot Long Luxury RV from Marchi Mobile Debuts in Dubai

A 40-foot-long luxury RV from Marchi Mobile has debuted in Dubai. It is like a luxury apartment or hotel room on wheels., 2013-06-11

April Fool's: BMW Launches Baby Stroller

BMW UK announced the launch of a BMW version of a baby stroller for April Fool's Day., 2013-04-01