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Twelve South's BookArc Flex is a Vertical Laptop Stand

The Twelve South BookArc Flex enables you to store your laptop vertically. You can work with an external monitor while the laptop is stored safely in a vertical position., 2024-03-30

Extreme Post-It Notes for Tough Conditions

If you need to stick a Post-it Note outside in a thunderstorm you might try the Post-It Extreme Notes., 2018-10-20

Barbie Fashion Doll Pens Come in Three Styles

Barbie has launched a line of Barbie Fashion Doll Pens created by Super Impulse. They come in three styles and have little pink stands., 2018-10-16

Stylish Sardis Column Bookends

These bookends from The Met Store were designed to resemble the elaborate marble columns from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis., 2018-10-07

Prada's $185 Paperclip is Meant to be a Money Clip

The Prada paperclip is a money clip shaped to look like a paperclip. It has raised eyebrows because of its $185 price tag., 2017-06-28

Funky Staplers: Electroplated, Gold and Dragons

Urban Outfitters is carrying an electroplated stapler and scissors for your home office. You can also find a cool gold metallic stapler from Swingline., 2017-06-03

Stare Into the Universe With the Infinity Cube

ThinkGeek carries a black Infinity Cube that is micro-USB powered and has three modes., 2017-05-31

Wonder Woman Movie Sword Letter Opener

The Wonder Woman Movie Sword Letter Opener arrives in stores in September 2017, 2017-05-08

Karl Lagerfeld's Large Colored Pencil Set Quickly Sells Out

Karl Lagerfeld launched a giant box of colored pencils. It quickly sold out. It was a collaboration with FaberCastell., 2016-09-01

Vacuum Your Keyboard with the Henry Desk Vacuum

The Henry Desk Vacuum is a tiny vacuum that can be used to vacuum crumbs on your desk or keyboard., 2016-08-25

Zuny Makes Animal Bookends and Paperweights

Zuny makes a line of animal and dinosaur bookends and paperweights., 2016-07-29

Rainbow Unicorn Tape Dispenser for Unicorn Fans

This Rainbow Unicorn Tape Dispenser comes with two rolls of unicorn tape. It has a colorful mane., 2016-07-09

Batman Batarang Products: Letter Opener and Money Clip

Some cool Batman products include the Batarang Letter Opener and Batarang Money Clip., 2016-06-19

Pen Zen Organizes Pens, Pencils, Paper Clips and Other Office Supplies

The Pen Zen was designed to organize your pens and pencils. Magnets also help it organize paper clips and other metal office supplies., 2016-05-19

Office Depot and Staples Call Off Merger Plans After District Court's Ruling

Office Depot, Inc. has announced it has called off its planned merger with Staples after a district court judge granted the FTC request for a preliminary injunction., 2016-05-15

Staples Partners With Workbar to Offer Coworking Spaces Inside Staples Stores

Staples has partnered with Workbar to offer shared work space inside Staples stores at select retail locations., 2016-04-16

Adorable Cat-shaped Dispenser Holds Your Post-It Notes

This adorable cat will hold your Post-It Notes for you while you work. It holds 3 inch by 3 inch Post-It Notes., 2016-02-28

Staples to Acquire Office Depot in $6 Billion Deal

Staples has announced it will acquire Office Depot in a deal valued at $6.3 billion. The deal follows Office Depot's acquisition of OfficeMax., 2015-02-04

Office Depot to Acquire OfficeMax in All-Stock Deal

Reuters reports that Office Depot has announced an agreement to acquire OfficeMax in an all-stock deal., 2013-02-20

Cute Bird Letter Openers

These cute bird-shaped letter openers were designed in Japan by Yohei Oki., 2012-06-11

Staples, and Pretty Little Liars Stars Team Up for School Supply Drive

Staples, DoSomething and the cast of Pretty Little Liars teamed up to collect school supplies for students in need., 2011-05-26

Human Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

This Human Organ transplant container is actually a lunch box., 2011-04-18

OfficeMax Launches Line of Organization Products With Peter Walsh

OfficeMax has partnered with organization expert Peter Walsh for a new collection of organization products., 2011-01-19

Cute Elephant Tape Dispensers

Here are four different types of cute elephant tape dispensers we have discovered., 2010-10-17

The Great Office War

Many Nerf weapons are used in the battle known as The Great Office War., 2008-06-21

Pantyhose or Bare Legs at the Office: What's Appropriate?

We've seen stories on three different TV channels this past week about the Great Pantyhose Debate., 2008-06-09

Staples Desk Apprentice Sells Out

The Staples Desk Apprentice was a desk storage device with a 360-degree swivel base. It was discontinued but some similar rotating desk organizers are available at Staples., 2005-05-18

PenAgain Designed to Help Reduce Hand Fatigue

A new ergonomically designed Y-shaped Pen, called PenAgain, aims to help people whose hands hurt from using normal pens., 2003-03-13