Project Runway's Zodiac Challenge

Posted on September 11, 2008

Photo of winning and losing outfits from Project Runway

Last night's Project Runway featured the Zodiac Challenge. They paired up the contestants with booted-off contestants and made them design an avante garde outfit based on one of the team's zodiac sign. Immediately, most of the contestants just went right of the rails -- with a few exceptions. They had to show the outfits off to contestants from prior years at a party, then face the runway judges the next day.

The winner was Jerell and Jennifer's Sagittarius-inspired long skirt with side, layered ruffles, a fitted top and very ornate short fitted jacket (left picture). We're glad Jerrell won. Coming in second was Leanne and Emily's Scorpio ensemble, which featured a black "exoskeleton" over a red cocktail dress (middle photo). It was fierce.

The worst outfit of the night was Blayne and Stella's insanely lopsided homage to Libra (far right picture). It was a beige knit onesie, with tights, leather straps and trailing poofs of colored fabric. Michael Kors could not believe that someone was "pooping fabric" yet again. It was absolutely awful. Terri had a hideous, cheap-looking Leo-inspired concept that Michael Kors said looked "like a voodoo princess from hell." Both Blayne and Terri were eliminated, and that was clearly the right call. Overall, the outfits were not up to the level of the drag queen challenge. Isn't it time to make outfits out of chocolate again?

Photo: Bravo