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Featured Products

  • Dr. Fauci Bobblehead Created by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum - The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is launching a Dr. Fauci Bobblehead toy. $5 from each sale will support the 100 Million Mask Challenge.

  • Study Finds Donald Trump Has World's Scariest Celebrity Face - A British study has found that parents think Trump is the world's scariest celebrity. It was conducted by British comic Beano.

  • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Chia Pets Available - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are available as Chia pottery products. They costs $19.99 each.

  • Latest News

  • Russian Company Creates Donald Trump Coin That Says 'In Trump We Trust' - A Russian company has created a large commemorative coin to celebrate Donald Trump's presidential inauguration.

  • Donald Trump Tweet Tells People to Buy L.L. Bean Products - Donald Trump encouraged people to buy L.L. Bean products in a tweet this morning because of support he received from Linda Bean.

  • Physicians Group Demands White House Ban Photo Ops of President and Family Eating Unhealthy Food - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine wants a ban on photos ops that involve the President eating unhealthy food.

  • Michelle Obama Does Jumping Jacks on White House Lawn - Michelle Obama gets kids active on the White House lawn by leading them in jumping jacks. Get Moving!

  • Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Appear in New Haiti PSA - In an effort to continue to encourage Americans to continue support the relief efforts in Haiti, Presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

  • Michelle Obama Talks J. Crew to Leno - Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show last week and Jay Leno asked her about her outfit.

  • Jessica Alba Wears The Muzzler Just So You'll Vote - No, it's not an ad for Jessica Alba starring in Saw 8: the Terror Continues.

  • John McCain's Ferragamo Loafers - Senator John McCain is being investigated by political and fashion bloggers for his choice in footwear - $520 Ferragamo leather loafers.

  • Michelle Obama's View Dress Sells Out - Michelle Obama wore a White House Black Market tank leaf print dress designed by Donna Ricco on The View and it sold out immediately.

  • Abercrombie and Fitch Overshadows Barack Obama's Speech - Three people wearing Abercrombie and Fitch apparel stood out at Barack Obama's recent campaign speech. Everyone noticed them.