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Shark Attack Pet Costume for Dogs

This dog appears to be in serious trouble., 2018-10-16

Cute Hamster Mermaid Costume for Halloween

Dress up your little hamster friend as a mermaid for Halloween with the Thrills & Chills Mermaid Costume., 2018-10-11

Lush Unveils Halloween Bath Bombs and Soaps

Lush Cosmetics has a selection of spooky cleansing products for Halloween., 2018-10-09

Lego Guy Costume for Halloween

Diguise has new Lego costumes out for Halloween., 2018-10-08

Pumpkin Patch Prowler to Scare Your Visitors on Halloween

The Pumpkin Patch Prowler is not something you want to run into in the pumpkin patch on a dark night., 2018-10-08

Kylie Jenner Unveils Kylie 2018 Halloween Collection

Kylie Cosmetics recently unveiled a Kylie Cosmetics Halloween collection for 2018 on Instagram, @kyliecosmetics., 2018-10-07

Skull Scissors for Creepy Crafting

The Skull Scissors form a skull when they are closed., 2018-10-06

Bone Rattler Hot Sauce Comes in a Skull Jar

This hot sauce called Bone Rattler comes in amazing looking skull jar., 2018-10-06

Lost Souls Skull Chair for Halloween

This large skull-shaped black chair is perfect for Halloween., 2018-10-05

Vine Arms and Legs for Your Pumpkin

These Pumpkin Vine Arms and Legs are fun and quick way to add arms and legs to your pumpkin. The bendable arms are made with metal wire and flexible foam., 2018-10-02

Skeleton Toilet Bowl Brush Set for Halloween

Finally, your toilet brush can be part of your Halloween d├ęcor., 2018-09-26

Jack O-Lantern Windsock Decoration

This cute windsock from In the Beeze was made for Halloween., 2018-09-15

Study Finds Donald Trump Has World's Scariest Celebrity Face

A British study has found that parents think Trump is the world's scariest celebrity. It was conducted by British comic Beano., 2017-10-28

Crawling Monster Hand for Halloween

Grandin Road has a Crawling Monster Hand available for Halloween. It retails for $24., 2017-10-06

Wooden Vampire Nutcracker for Halloween

This Dracula Halloween nutcracker provides a twist on the popular Christmas decoration., 2017-10-05

LED Halloween Treat Bags from Yew Stuff

Yew Stuff has launched a line of Halloween LED bags., 2017-10-05

Halloween Skeleton Bat Can Hang Upside Down

This Skeleton Bat from Grandin Road can hang upside down. It has a 2 foot wingspan., 2017-09-27

T-Rex and Hatching T-Rex Egg Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Home Accents has a 9 foot T-rex and hatching T-Rex eggs for Halloween decorations this year., 2017-09-23

Spirit Halloween's Animated Sitting Scarecrow Has a Wild Scream

This animated scarecrow Halloween prop will scream at trick-or-treaters if they get to close to his candy bowl., 2017-09-23

Bag of Bones Cheetos for Halloween

Frito-Lay launched Halloween themed Cheetos in 2014 called Bag of Bones. They are a white cheddar flavor., 2017-09-17