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Sony is a Japanese global electronics company. Sony is known for television, cameras, headphones, projectors, mobile devices, the PlayStation gaming system and other electronics.

Featured Products

  • Aibo: Sony's Robotic Puppy - Sony has a robotic puppy companion called Aibo.

  • Sony Announces PlayStation Classic Console - Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic console that will come pre-loaded with 20 games.

  • Sony Releases Gold Playstation 4 Slim 1TB Console - Sony has released a limited edition slim gold PS4 1TB console.

  • April Fool's Day: Sony Unveils First Proton Pack - Sony unveiled its first Proton Pack today, April 1st 2016. It is the first device of its kind capable of catching ghosts.

  • Sony Unveils Sleek Vaio Z Canvas Laptop - Vaio has unveiled a sleek new laptop, the Vaio Z Canvas. Pricing starts at $2,150.

  • Sony Announces Walkman NW-ZX2 at 2015 CES - Sony announced the Walkman NW-ZX2 at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show.

  • Sony Announces the Sony Shake 5 - Sony has announced the Sony Shake 5 shelf stereo system. It is a 2,400 Watt 3-way speaker system.

  • Sony Dash Billed as Personal Internet Viewer - The Sony Dash is a small alarm clock sized device.

  • Latest News

  • Sony Ends Support for Aibo Robot Dogs - Sony is ending years of support for its Aibo robotic dog toys. The robot retailed for up to $2,000.

  • Sony Launches SR-X3 and SRS-X2 Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Sony has announced the launch of the SR-X3 and SRS-X2 portable bluetooth speakers.

  • Westfield Plans Giant Touchscreen Displays in Malls - Westfield is planning to add giant touchscreen displays in its malls.

  • Sony to Open Shops Inside 350 Best Buy Stores - Sony is opening stores inside 350 Best Buy locations nationwide. The stores are called the Sony Experience at Best Buy.

  • Kids Try to Figure Out Walkmans in The Fine Brothers Video - Kids try to figure out Walkmans in this entertaining video from The Fine Brothers. Some do not do well with the ancient technology.

  • Sony Announces VAIO Tap 21 - Sony has announced the VAIO Tap 21, its latest entry in the portable all-in-one segment.

  • Sony Launches Vaio Series X at IFA 2009 - Sony unveiled its ultrathin Sony Vaio Series X laptop at the IFA 2009 tech trade show.