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Hasbro is a leading toy manufacturer. Some of its brands include Play-Doh, Transformers, My Little Pony, FurReal, Nerf and Monopoly. Hasbro also makes toys for tie-in toys for major film, gaming and television franchises.

Featured Products

  • Hasbro Unveils New Furby for 25th Anniversary - Hasbro is releasing a new version of its popular Furby toy for 2023. This is the 25th anniversary of Furby. The new Furby will be available in purple and coral.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Monopoly Gamer Edition - Hasbro has launched a Sonic the Hedgehog edition of the Monopoly Gamer version of the classic Monopoly board game.

  • Yellies are Robotic Jumping Spiders - Yellies are cute little robotic jumping spider toys from Hasbro.

  • Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie Interactive Plush Toy Unveiled at Toy Fair by Hasbro - Hasbro will be launching a FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie interactive plush toy this fall.

  • Moschino Launches My Little Pony Collection - Moschino has launched a My Little Pony collection containing tops, minidresses, backpacks and more.

  • Hasbro Electronic Porg Plush Toy - The Porg is a new Star Wars creature. Hasbro has an electronic plush Porg in stores.

  • Jenga Tetris Combines Stacking Game With Arcade Hit - Jenga Tetris combines the fun stacking game with the Tetris arcade hit. The is a Special Edition of Jenga Tetris that features translucent Tetris shaped blocks.

  • Hasbro Unveils Bluetooth Enabled Furby Connect Toy - Hasbro has unveiled its latest Furby toy. Furby Connect receives content updates using Bluetooth.

  • Joy for All Companion Pet Cats from Hasbro - Joy for All Companion Pet cats from Hasbro were designed to bring comfort and companionship to seniors.

  • Chewbacca Star Wars Mask Sells Out After Laughing Mom's Video Virals - The viral video of a mother wearing a Chewbacca mask has caused the mask to sell out from online stores.

  • Love2Learn Elmo Unveiled at 2016 Toy Fair - Hasbro unveiled its new Love2Learn Elmo animated plush toy at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. The toy works with an app.

  • Hasbro's New Simon Air Memory Game is Button Free - Hasbro introduced a new version of its Simon memory game at the 2016 Toy Fair. The game, Simon Air, is button free.

  • Hasbro Launches FurReal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon at Toy Fair 2016 - Hasbro launches its latest FurReal Friends animatronic plush toys at the Toy Fair 2016. The toy is FurReal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon.

  • New Star Wars Toy Line Includes Rey Action Figure - A new line of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys include the long awaited Rey action figure that was missing from the initial toy lineup.

  • Tiny Ant-Man Action Figure is Hasbro's Smallest Ever - Hasbro is unveiling a tiny Ant-Man action figure at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

  • Latest News

  • Reebok Launches Candy Land Collection - Reebok has collaborated with Hasbro for the Reebok x Candy Land collection featuring very colorful footwear.

  • Monopoly is Letting Players Choose New Game Tokens - Monopoly is letting players choose new tokens for the classic version of the game. One or more of the original tokens could be removed from the game.

  • Hasbro Announces September 2017 Hascon Convention - Hasbro has announced it will launch its Hascon event in September 2017. It will run for three days.

  • Hasbro Launches Play-Doh Town and Celebrates Play-Doh Brand's 60th Birthday - Hasbro has launched the Play-Doh Town sets. It is also celebrating the 60th birthday of its moldable Play-Doh brand.

  • Hasbro Unveils Cashless Monopoly Version at 2016 Toy Fair - Hasbro unveiled a new cashless version of Monopoly at the 2016 Toy Fair. It is called Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition.

  • PEZ and Hasbro Partner for My Little Pony PEZ Dispensers - PEZ and Hasbro have partnered for a line of My Little Pony PEZ dispensers.

  • New Furby Boom Toy Works With App - A new Furby toy, Furby Boom, works in tandem with a new Fuby Boom app.

  • Hasbro and Gramercy Announce Nerf Dog Toys - Hasbro and Gramercy have announced a line of Nerf dog toys. Prices will range from $5 to $15

  • Hasbro Announces Expanded Angry Birds Licensing Deal With Rovio - Hasbro announced that it has expanded its Angry Birds licensing deal with Rovio. The deal includes licensing for Angry Birds Go.

  • Hasbro launches new Kre-O G.I. Joe Building Set Line - Hasbro has announced a new line of Kre-O G.

  • Hasbro to Launch Angry Birds Star Wars Toys in November - Rovio recently announced its new Angry Birds Star Wars mobile game.

  • Mr. Potato Head Celebrates 60th Birthday - Mr.

  • Hasbro's Board Game Risk Being Transformed Into Movie - Are you ready for a Risk movie? Reuters reports that Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment company will partner with Hasbro to develop a film based on the strategy board game Risk.

  • Universal Pictures to Make Candy Land Movie - Universal Pictures has teamed up with Hasbro to make a live-action movie based on Candy Land, a popular children's board game.

  • Hasbro Gives Clue a Modern Twist - Hasbro gives Clue a modern twist with a new version called Clue Discover the Secrets. There are new characters, rooms and weapons.